How it works?

As you know, in 2008, the economy collapsed due to mortgage fraud by greedy bankers. This meant 18 million people lost their jobs and ruined their credit because they could no longer make payments. As a result, many people lost homes, cars, and even spouses.

Now that the economy is getting better, a lot of people have regained jobs and want to reestablish a strong credit rating.

The more cards you have, the more money you make.

One guy made $7,300 in his first month. Some people have told us that this sounds too good to be true. In reality, it is good and it is true.

No Risk Program

When we call our program “Risk-Free,” we mean it. Your identity and credit card information is kept strictly confidential. We never ask you for your credit card or any personal information. Even with a new credit beneficiary added as an authorized user on your card, the beneficiary cannot use your card.

So what are you waiting for?

Make a list of all of your personal credit cards (no business cards please), bank names, limits, and balances. Additionally, we need to know the month and year each card was opened as well as the closing statement date. If your card qualifies, we will tell you how much money you will be making per month.

Questions & Answers

1Will any one get my credit card or number?
No the credit card company's will never mail any cards to any ones address but the main card holders address, even if they did they would still have to activate the card, in order to do that they would need your security answers.
2Is this legal?
Yes it is as a matter of fact it is the law that credit card company's have to report Authorized users to the credit reporting companies. You can ask your Attorney, if you like.
3Isn't this fraud?
No it is not, it shows up on the credit report as an authorized user, the bank knows it is not their account, it will make the persons credit score go up.

Make up to $100 or more in ten minutes by calling your credit card company.